1949-1959 Lincoln/Mercury Parts Manuals (Only) on CD

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The 1949-1959 Lincoln / Mercury Parts Manuals (Only) on CD is a digital product published by Detroit Iron and licensed by Ford. This Detroit Iron digital product provides a full set of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair and rebuild literature in digital / PDF format. This set of manuals and literature were originally authored and published by the car / truck manufacturer to be used by their dealership mechanics so they are very comprehensive. It features an easy-to-use bookcase in a garage scene containing a set of PDF manuals, catalogs, brochures and nostalgia for a specific year, make and model range.


  • Each factory service/shop manual includes coverage on all mechanical and electrical systems as well as specifications, wiring diagrams, diagnostic procedures, troubleshooting, installation and removal
  • Each manual is chapter bookmarked into a single PDF file, allowing for ease of searching
  • Files are printable and searchable
  • The bookcase provides organization of manual types (Service Manuals, Sales Literature, Parts Catalogs & Nostalgia) by shelf and showcases each manual with the actual graphic art representation of the literature cover thumbnails.

Refer below for specific details included in the 1949-1959 Lincoln / Mercury Parts Manuals (Only) Detroit Iron CD product.


  • 1949 Lincoln Body Parts Catalogue, 1949-51 Lincoln Chasiss Parts Catalogue
  • 1950 Lincoln Body Parts Catalogue
  • 1952-54 Lincoln Chassis Parts Catalogue
  • 1953-55 Lincoln Body Parts Catalogue
  • 1956-59 Lincoln Master Parts Catalog (Chassis and Body)
  • 1956-58 Lincoln Chassis Parts Catalog
  • 1949 Mercury Body Parts Catalogue
  • 1949-53 Mercury Chassis Parts Catalogue
  • 1950 Mercury Body Parts Catalogue
  • 1951 Mercury Body Parts Catalogue
  • 1954-55 Mercury Chassis Parts Catalogue
  • 1955 Mercury Body Parts Catalogue
  • 1958 Mercury Chassis Parts Catalogue
  • 1956-59 Mercury Master Parts Catalog (Chassis & Body)


  • 1949 - 1959 Lincoln, Mercury Models: 9EL Series, Cosmopolitan, Mercury, Lincoln, Monterey, Capri, Custom, Montclair, Mark II, Premier, Medalist, Colony Park, Commuter, Turnpike Cruiser, Voyager, Continental, Park Lane, Country Cruiser

An OEM Parts Guide or Parts Book provides detailed parts information via exploding diagram cutouts of sections of your vehicle assembly with part numbers and textual descriptions. A parts guide provides part interchange information so you can find replacement parts. The part book sections usually include: suspension, engine, transmission, body fittings/parts, brakes, cooling radiator, electrical, exhaust, fenders, frame, fuel system, etc.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Any Operating System (OS) that allows user access to the file system, e.g. Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chromebook, etc. An HTML Browser such as: Edge, Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others. NOTE: No internet connection is required to use this product.